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Selection of photographs of various Families related to the Gamble collection - Folder 5 (Q-T) 1. Wedding studio portrait of bride & groom, "King" Riley and May Riley (nee O'Sullivan). Photographer: A. McCusker, Blenheim. circa 1920s. 2. Studio portrait of Les Tunncliffe, in his band uniform, holding "E Flat Bass" / tuba. Winner in "Int E Flat Bass Solo", Marton Contest, May 1904 Photographer: A. McCusker, Blenheim. 3. Studio portrait of the Thomson Family, of Thomson's Ford. Photographer: A. McCusker, Blenheim. Black & white copy of same photograph. circa. 1890 Back row, left to right: Rob Thomson, John Thomson, Tom Thomson Front row, left to right: Mary Thomson, Mr. Thomson, Mrs. Annie Thomson (nee Gillespie), Jim Thomson 4. Wedding portrait of the bridal party (x2). One copy is signed 'Yours Sincerely, Doris & Jack'. Kathleen Shaw (later Lucas), Jack Shaw, Doris Shaw (nee Reedy), Frank Shaw. Photographer: Irvin, Tua Marina 5. Portrait of Peter Tuckerman as a little boy, standing in a garden, wearing shorts & shirt with white socks & shoes. 6. Peter Tuckerman with dog, and young girl playing in the garden. 7. Group photograph on porch steps, Whangarei 1948. Mrs. Sheehan, ?, Ngaire Povey, Winnie Sheehan, ?, ?, Marie Sheehan, ? 8. Peter and Marie Sheehan, having a picnic, Whangarei 1948. 9. Peggy Thomas, eating. 10. Football (Soccer) game, Noel Sadd is the second footballer from the sideline. 11. Black and white photograph, party. left to right: John Evans, Roland Blackmore, Sadie Roussel, Cliff Roussel, Joan Blackmore, Wilf. Roussel, Edna Roussel, May Naysmith, Jim Naysmith. Seated, front: Frances Roussel. 12. Shirley Cutler and Rae Rasmussen, wearing formal dresses, probably going to/at a dance. 13. Black & white copy of photograph of Mrs. Joseph Ward (nee Redwood) of Blenheim. 14. Sepia photograph of Henry Redwood, standing in front of a tree. Photographer: F.N. Jones, Junior, Nelson. 15. Wedding photograph, Mr. & Mrs. D. Taylor leaving the church, covered in confetti. 16. 3 photographs of W.S. Taylor. (a) W.S. Taylor with his wife & family, at house on McLauchlan St. Blenheim. (b) W.S, Taylor's grocer's car, "International" (solid rubber tyres); (c) W.S. Taylor, 'Pig Killing at Franham'. 17. 3 photographs - 2 of Frank Sheridan, 1 of his brother Bert Sheridan. (a) Studio portrait of Francis Earl Sheridan as a toddler; (b) Flight Sergent F. Weldon buying a shirt from Frank (F.E.) Sheridan, Winter 1940; (c) Postcard of Mess Orderlies, Bert Sheridan believed to be 15th man from the right, the short man with no hat. 18. Selection of photographs of the Reyburn family of Punga Grove Avenue, Whangarei. (a) David putting his boat on top of his car; (b) Richard & Paul Reyburn are on the right; (c) Judith and Kathleen Reyburn; (d) Grandchildren of Bill and Phyl. Reyburn; (e) David, Kathleen, Paul, Bill, Phyl, Judith and Richard Reyburn; (f) Kathleen, Paul, David, Richard & Judith Reyburn; (g) Reyburn family sitting on the back of a truck; (h) Reyburn home at Punga Grove Avenue, Whangarei. 19. 5 photographs of Paul Reyburn, Whangarei, c. 1948-1955 20. Shaw family photographs: (a) family photograph: left to right: Pauline Shaw; T.J.N. (Jack) Shaw; Jim Shaw; Michael Shaw; Doris Shaw; Patricia Shaw and Angela Shaw (standing). (b) 2 photographs of Steven Shaw, Michael Shaw's son, as a toddler, 'playing' golf. (c) Wedding photograph of Jack & Doris Shaw, with Kevin Enright as pageboy. 21. Simson family photographs: (a) 6 various photographs of Nyreen & Dick Simson as babies/children. (b)2 different photographs of Jess Simson (nee Murray) & Ern Simson with their children, Nyreen & Dick. (c) 2 different photographs of Jess Simson with her children, Nyreen & Dick. (d) Two women having a picnic, Jess Simson is on the left. 22. Sinclair family photographs: (a) 2 x photographs of Sinclair family, Back row: Jean Sinclair, Jessie Sinclair, Mary Sinclair. Front row: Margaret Sinclair (nee Broughan) and Charles Sinclair. (b) Studio portrait of Jessie Sinclair (later Murphy) when a little girl. (c) Jessie Sinclair on left with Monica Griffiths (nee Smith) on the right. (d) Copy of photograph of James John Sinclair, born Caithness, Scotland 2 September 1851, died 1 April 1908.. Married Jane Blick (nee Atkinson) and had two sons, Albert Trevor & James Russell. Photograph H.H. Clifford, Christchurch, N.Z.
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